ASTRO shows off smooth movies in “Again” dance practice

Astro Dance Practice Again

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Astro is a K-Pop boy group consisting of 6 members that debuted in 2015 under Fantagio Music label.  Their albums thus far have been focused on the different seasons, with Spring Up, Summer Vibes, and Autumn Story.



Jin Jin


Moon Bin



ASTRO’s “Again” is a lovely song, with a slower pace than most, but that doesn’t stop these boys from bringing their all in the dance practice.  They show off their quick footwork and synchronization through the entire video.  One thing this group really excels at is the smooth transitions between their positioning.  They incorporate a lot of it into the dance so it doesn’t feel out of place or as if they aren’t dancing for any given length of time.

I love that they kept in the last shots!  Not only do we hear the breathing to show how hard they were working, but the each of their reactions are absolutely adorable!  This is quite possibly one of the most lovable groups I’ve found yet.

We recently reviewed their latest album, Winter Dream, so be sure to check it out!


  1. Ahh I was so amazed by this video! Astro are really talented, this was such a beautiful choreography <3 We didn't get an MV but hopefully they'll release a special clip sometimes in the near future, that would be really sweet!

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