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B.A.P fans are upset with Norwegian singer ODEE for using the Matoki logo

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Preface: Special thanks to @Sarahchoizelo for the heads up and for the photo proof.


B.A.P fans are quite angry after finding out that Norwegian singer, ODEE, used B.A.P’s Matoki logo for her latest singles “Don’t Leave” and “Run To You”.

B.A.P has been using the logo for the past 5 years, and it’s likely that the singer isn’t away of it, but the cover designers are.

Fans are attempting to contact Need Music Agency, ODEE’s label, and TS Entertainment to try and get things resolved as soon as possible.

They’re currently trying to trend #MatokiBelongstoBAP on Twitter.

2bap-odee-stolen-matoki bap-odee-stolen-matokiPlease don’t witch hunt the artist for the plagiarism of the logo, but instead contact her agency!  Stay polite, but firm!

Comments can be left for the company here, here, and here.

UPDATE: Apparently they are going to remove the images!  Check out the response below, credit to @Daedydae


Fans are still upset about the rude responses they’ve received claiming that the photo was a shutter stock bunny they took, but the comment has since been removed and their Facebook deactivated.

UPDATE: They have removed the posts! Credit to @BMoonJess


BAP Matoki Stolen


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