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B.A.P gives you “One Shot” in an absolutely killer music video

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B.A.P’s “One Shot” is one of those songs that most people who are just getting into K-Pop immediately recognize.  Somehow, someway, they’ve heard the track, even without realizing it’s in Korean.  OSKP has gotten feedback from multiple fans talking about it, and that was our experience as well!

If this is how you get into K-Pop, there’s definitely no complaining!

“One Shot” is an extremely catchy song.  With an aggressive feel that showed off exactly what B.A.P could do, it’s definitely unforgettable.

The music video is even more so.  The group was killer at the ‘bad boy’ scenes, especially as it moved through them casing the joint to actually carrying out the actions.

To be honest, it felt like the music video was a movie, and I don’t think many would complain if this group did a full movie for it!  The dual endings still get me every time!

If the action packed music video with the badass actions weren’t enough, the dance shots will definitely satisfy.  The moves leave no room to doubt their dancing skills in anyway shape or form!

Check it out below!

Lyrics by Kang Jiwon, Kim Kibum, and Bang Yongguk.  Music by Kang Jiwon and Kim Kibum.


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