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B.A.P proves they can pull off any theme with “Power”

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This is an oldie, but a definite goodie.  B.A.P released their second EP, Power, on April 27, 2012 digitally.  The EP featured the single “Power” , which was produced by Kang Jiwon and Kim Kibum and had lyrics written by Kang Jiwon, Kim Kibum, and Bang Yongguk.  Other tracks on the EP included “What the Hell” (another fan favorite), “It’s All Lies”, and “Fight for Freedom”.

The track is one that lives up to its name.  There’s a distinct powerful feeling behind the hip-hop rock combo used to make this song stand out.  It’s not just the song itself that stands out though.  The track was actually nominated for Best Dance Video for SBS MTV in 2012!

If you’re looking for a hardcore song, with both futuristic and apocalyptic vibes, this is definitely your song!

One of the things that stands out about this song above many others is the fact that both the rappers and vocals stand out.  The raps are powerful and distinct, but at the same time, there are plenty of vocal portions where their incredible control can be seen.

Check it out below!


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