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B.A.P’s behind the story for “Wake Me Up”

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Join B.A.P as they provide a lovely set of commentary on their latest music video, “Wake Me Up”.

The guys debate back and forth as to the meaning of the video, although the general consensus is they don’t fully know.  They did say that it’s possibly about finding your true self against the current social issues or not being aware of your actual reality (the person eating bugs and not noticing was the reference point).

There’s a small segment where they decide to start hitting each other followed by them attempting their sexy gazes…

Then they move to the commentary!  They spent the rest of the time analyzing the shots and angles and deciding who looked good.

They ended up referencing anime twice and making fun of Himchan for using a prayer pose multiple times in the second verse of the song – although it turned out amazing looking.

Don’t forget to watch the actual music video here!

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