B.A.P’s Himchan cracked a rib!

B.A.Ps Himchan injured his ribs

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B.A.P has been working insanely hard on their comeback and promotion.   TS Entertainment that he reported feeling pain in his chest after the live broadcast of “The Show” on MTV.  He was taken in for diagnosis on March 14, 2017, and it was found that he fractured a rib.

The cause of the fracture, according to the specialist, was sudden weight lost and stress from the comeback preparations, which means it was likely not caused by the physical exercise done to prepare for their comeback.

TS Entertainment negotiated with Himchan, who wanted to continue to participate in all things related to the comeback, and he will continue to participate with the events, but likely. at a lesser rate.

Official Statement:

Hi, TS Entertainment.

B.A.P We will inform you about health status of members.

On the 14th, Hwang Chan was diagnosed as having an incontinence on his ribs due to a fatigue fracture as a result of feeling a pain on his chest after a live broadcast of MTV “The Show”.

According to the specialist’s opinion, it was diagnosed that the cost was too much for the sudden weight loss and the preparation for the comeback, rather than the injury caused by the external impact, due to the large amount of exercise.

It is good to avoid fatigue fractures by exercise or heavy movements, but in accordance with the strong will of the person who wants to continue the BAP activities that have been comebacked for a long time, the company has decided to join the BAP stage .

TS Entertainment will continue to monitor the conditions of the powerful military and pay more attention.

Thank you.

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Best wishes to the group and to Himchan for a quick recovery and an amazing comeback promotional period.

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