B.A.P’s Humchan to take a break from comeback promotions

B.A.P's Himchan not participating in comeback promotions due to injury

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We previously reported that Himchan of B.A.P injured his ribs but would continue to take part in the comeback promotions for Rose.  Unfortunately, it seems that he will not be continuing, instead focusing solely on recovering.  After the March 15, 2017 comeback promotion on MBC “Show Champion”, Himchan and TS Entertainment made the decision to pull him out the the promotional lineup and on bed rest.

Check out the official statement here:

Hello. This is TS Entertainment.
We would like to make an updated announcement regarding our BAP member Himchan.
We have previously announced that despite the stress fracture, Himchan will be promoting BAP’s new album due to his strong will to make a comeback as a full group. Initially we planned to respect Himchan’s decision by minimizing his part of choreography.
Yet, after the MBC “Show Champion” on the 15th, we have further discussed with Himchan and concluded that he will not be participating in the promotions in order to solely focus on recovery.
TS Entertainment takes the artists’ condition as priority. Thus, we officially announce that Himchan will not be part of the comeback promotions for awhile in order to fully rest and recover from his injury. We will continuously check on his condition and once his health recovers, he will reappear before all the fans who are waiting for him.
Once again, we apologize for making all the fans worried. We sincerely appreciate your patience and encouragement for Himchan and all the BAP members. We express our gratitude to those who are praying for Himchan’s quick recovery. TS Entertainment will do the best to support Himchan’s healthy comeback.
Thank you very much.

We hope that Himchan has a speedy recovery and will be able to rejoin his group’s activities as soon as possible!

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