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B.A.P Drop Teaser Image For 9th Japanese Single “Hands Up”

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Not only is B.A.P making a Korean come back with EGO, their newest single album featuring “Hands Up“, but they’re going to be making a Japanese comeback with their 9th single “Hands Up”!

The group released the first teaser image featuring their signature logo floating behind a see-through hand!  It looks like there will be three versions of the album, a red, orange, and green version.

The single is due to release on January 3, 2018, just enough time for you to recover from the other release in December.

Stay tuned and check out the teaser below.

BAP Hands Up Japanese

BAP Hands Up Japanese


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  1. renmancao December 5, 2017


  2. luna December 5, 2017

    SO EXCITED!!!!

  3. Luna December 5, 2017

    So great ?

  4. Luna December 5, 2017


  5. Stan talent, stan Monsta X December 5, 2017


  6. Maya95 December 5, 2017

    Looking forward to every BAP’s comeback, I know it’s going to be good <3

  7. Giselle December 5, 2017

    I’m so excited.

  8. Joy December 5, 2017

    Omg looking forward ?

  9. kyom ?? (@yu_kieom) December 6, 2017

    yessss so excited!!

  10. dreamingdayx December 8, 2017

    fudge i cant wait

  11. Can’t wait ><~

  12. Jasmine S December 13, 2017

    please update the news.. the MV was released ?

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