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B.A.P Has Our “Hands Up” In Latest Comeback Music Video

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B.A.P is back with their latest music video for “Hands Up“.

The group is well versed in trying out different styles with each track they release, and this track takes a bit of the vibe from their early videos and raises it up a notch!

The track has an energetic beat while still having a sleek vibe, especially with the vocals backing up the sleek raps.  The beat is steady and the vocal combinations will have you standing up with your hands in the ear as you try to dance along!

The dance in this track also show the dance skills the group is well known for!  The swift and smooth movements blends well with the song while standing out as powerful but subdued.

The track itself is designed to be inspiring.  They emphasis breaking away from the things holding you back, like prejudice.  The message resonates with many of the fans and definitely proves that this group is rearing and ready to go!

OSKP is in love with this new music video!  Especially with the group’s styles!

Check out B.A.P’s comeback with “Hands Up” in the music video below!

Fans are also gushing over the piercings!

UPDATE: TS Entertainment clarified that Daehyun had a conflict during the music video filming so his position during the dance scenes were shown by a back-up dancer.

The Japanese music video version is just as incredible as the original!

BAP Hands Up Music Video


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  1. mileli94 December 13, 2017

    I haven’t seen the teaser, so I didn’t know what to expect and.. WOW, I love this song! I hope that it will receive a good response, it’s really good!

  2. Sabrina December 13, 2017


  3. kyom ?? (@yu_kieom) December 14, 2017

    yas!!! it’s so good + zelo and jongup were amazing woaw

  4. Giselle December 14, 2017

    The song is so good that I had to replay it like more than 100 times. I’ll definitely buy their album.

  5. luna December 14, 2017


  6. Maya95 December 14, 2017

    B.A.P can’t have ”bad song” or comeback. They nailed it again

  7. thel m December 15, 2017

    always good

  8. Bianca December 15, 2017

    #BAP_HANDSUP <33

  9. Frances Espeleta December 16, 2017

    OMG I Love it ?

  10. Jasmine S December 16, 2017

    A-yo!!! #BAP_HANDSUP

  11. Vanessa December 18, 2017

    Sooo good!

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