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B.A.P releases their dance practice for “Honeymoon”

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B.A.P is spoiling us with their latest comeback.  First, we got a beautiful music video for “Honeymoon”.  The visuals and vocals in the clip are no joke.  Then, they took us behind the scenes to see how the video was made.  In between, we got a hilarious fan chant guide from the group.  There were even Matoki whistles!  Now, we have a wonderful dance practice!

The dance practice for “Honeymoon” is playful and fun.  It is calmer than many of their previous performances, but with the backup dancers joining, it’s still impressive!

Check out the dance practice for “Honeymoon” below!

B.A.P’s Youngjae won week 2 of OSKP’s Best Vocalist poll.  To celebrate, we did an appreciation post!  Check it out!

BAP Honeymoon Dance Practice


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