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B1A4 and Monsta X Appear and Perform on “Sugar Man 2”

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On April 1st, 2018 B1A4 and Monsta X both appeared as guests on the JTBC hit show “Two Yoo Project Sugar Man”.

In case you didn’t know or haven’t heard of the show, the program takes the form of two teams (Team Yoo Jaesuk and team Yoo Heeyeol). Each team features a different artist every week. For example, this episode features B1A4 and Monsta X. These artists must then bring back a “Sugar Man” (an artist who was at one time very popular before fading from public view) and recreate a “Sugar Song” (the older artists most well-known song) into a version of the song that would be popular in today’s music market. At the end of the show the audience votes for their favorite recreation, and the one with the most votes wins the episode!

On this weeks episode (S2: E11), B1A4 and Monsta X battled it out with performances of songs by artists Kim Sungjae and Choi Jinyoung.

Monsta X takes the stage first in a recreation of Kim Sungjae’s “As I Told You”.

In most episodes the older artist would appear on the show to watch the recreation of their songs, however, this episode honored two artists who have tragically passed away. So in the place of Kim Sungjae stood a childhood friend and his brother. In honor of the artist, Monsta X also performed a medley of songs from Kim Sungjae’s group “Deux”.

B1A4 performed next, honoring the late Choi Jinyoung, stage name SKY. To honor the singer the group covered his most well-known track, his debut track, “Eternity”. In the artists’ place stood his best friend as well as the composer of “Eternity”. The performance was moving to say the least.

Similarly, B1A4 members Sandeul and CNU also prepared a medley in honor of the late singer.

Overall, all performances were powerful in their own way. With creative and beautiful rearrangements of the famous songs “As I Told You” and “Eternity” this broadcast was wonderful and well worth it to watch. The audience would vote based on the two groups’ rearranged songs and their performances, and in the end, B1A4 would score a win for Team Heeyoel with their powerful rendition of “Eternity”.

B1A4 Monsta X Sugar Man 

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  1. Gwen April 3, 2018

    Both groups did so well! <3

  2. Mardhiah Omar April 3, 2018

    Is there anyway that I could watch this with eng sub? I’ve been looking for it, does anyone know? Life is hard as international Monbebe XD

  3. For Monsta x April 4, 2018

    Love both of themmmmmm ?

  4. Monsta X did so amazing ?

  5. Both did well. I’m so in love with Monsta X’s 말하자면!! It’s amazing!

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