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BADKIZ Last Original Member Monika Reveals Departure From The Group And Solo Promotions

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The last remaining original member of BADKIZ.

The group, under Zoo Entertainment, original made their debut in 2014 with “Ear Attack”.  Since their debut, they’ve had 11 members leave. Remaining members, Somin, K.Me, Lohee, and Solbi will continue to promote together.

Monika, the only remaining member from the original lineup announced that she was no longer promoting with the group, but instead would be promoting as a solo artist.  She revealed that she would be dropping a ballad track on March 23, 2018 and the name might be released on Wednesday.

She also said that the remaining members of BADKIZ will be making a comeback in April.

Best of luck to Monika in her solo career and to her former group in their upcoming comeback.

BADKIZ Monika Leaving


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