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Bang Si-hyuk speaks highly of BTS and future goals

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Big Hit Entertainment was originally founded in 2005 by music producer Bang Si-hyuk.  He’s had an eye for picking people that would do well, and BTS is no exception.  As the boys continue their successful Wings Tour, which has been sold out world wide, and continue to dominate the social voting for the 2017 BBMAs, Bang Si-hyuk can just stand by in awe.

He’s amazed by how much love they’re receiving!  Because they are growing in popularity at such a fast rate, he did express his concerns, but he has bright hopes for the future and will work with them to continue to produce even better music.

He goes on to talk about when he first made the group, laughing as he expressed how difficult it was to create a boy idol group.  When asked about how he picked the members of the group, he stated that “I first met a rap monster and I wanted to make a hip hop group. I auditioned and found Suga.”  He sought members that would be able to express themselves in their music and work hard in their assigned positions to become one of the top groups. He made a promise to them to continue to support them and their hard work.

He can’t pick a favorite member since, “I picked each member myself and they are all very near and dear to my heart. I love and value each member and I am so proud of all of them.”

He closed off the interview discussing how the boys have continued to grow with their growing popularity.

“I believe that you have to dream big. When BTS first debuted, we did not know we would come this far. At that time, our goal was to be a good group that doesn’t fall behind when compared to other groups and become a top group in Korea,”

“It was impossible to imagine that BTS would get where they are today, but I am thankful for it. I believe that this is not the end of BTS’s growth, and they will be able continue to become even greater for many years into the future.”

– Bang Si-hyuk

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