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Fan Project: B.A.P Pencils Of Promise Results

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Normally, OSKP helps groups share information on currently active fan projects, but this time around, we’re sharing the inspirational results of one group of fans’ dedication.

B.A.P’s Helping Hands worked back in 2016 to raise money in order to join Pencils of Promise with the B.A.P Town School Campaign. Originally, the fan project was working on raising $25,000 in order to help fund the project, but as of the closing, fans ended up raising $36,372!

The project was organized by BABYz who wanted to honor their favorite group by helping to educate those that had less fortune.  Pencils of Promise is an organization that work with communities to create educational programs and schools to help children.

With the fundraiser successful, and the project closed, it was just a matter of time for the project to finish their task and share with all the participating fans.

A school now exists in Akosombo Ketem, Ghana has been created and has a beautiful honorable plaque dedicated to the group!

Check out the plaque and email about the success below.

Congratulations to the group and to all the wonderful fans who put their hard earned money towards a good cause!

BAP Pencils Of Promise


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