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B.A.P shows off a different side of themselves in their “Honeymoon” music video

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B.A.P’s latest track, “Honeymoon” doesn’t have the same vibe as their normal tracks, but that makes it just as amazing. The track, from their latest album, Blue, has beautiful videos and incredible vocals.

The song is cheerful sounding and very pleasant, with powerful high notes and strong raps.  The overlay of vocals and rap makes it far more impactful, with the rappers spitting fire while the vocalists slay us. The music video features some shots that will make your jaw drop with how beautiful they are.

One thing you can always rely on with this group is a slightly dark undertone, seen with the pills and baseball bat.

OSKP tries to stay as unbiased as possible, except for Monsta X, but all we can say is “Hellllooooo B.A.P”.

Watch B.A.P bring it to you in “Honeymoon”!

UPDATE: Don’t forget to listen to the Japanese version!


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