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B.A.P (비에이피) Sweeps The Boards In The 2017 OSKP Awards

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B.A.P absolutely swept the boards in the 2017 OSKP Awards.  As a group, they won Best Male Group, Best Male Performance Group, Best Male Vocal Group, Best Album (with Rose), Best Song (with “Honeymoon“), Best Music Video (with “Honeymoon“), Most Emotional Track (with “Wake Me Up“), and Most Energetic Track (with “DISTOPIA”).

That’s certainly a mouthful.

OSKP wants to start off by stating that all groups nominated were wonderful and that the fan projects created for voting were inspirational.  The dedication fans showed their groups, especially the Babyz.

B.A.P (비에이피), or Best Absolute Perfect, made their debut with 6 wonderful members back in 2012.  The group, under TS Entertainment, hasn’t undergone any lineup changes since their debut and consists of Zelo, Jongup, Youngjae, Himchan, Daehyun, and Youngguk.

Prior to the group making their debut, as members were being announced, they were working on various projects.  Youngguk, the first member, made a solo debut prior to his debut, while Himchan was an MC on The Show.

The group made their debut in January of 2012 with the powerful track “Warrior”. Unlike many groups, B.A.P all had matching blonde hair for their debut, making them stand out even more!  The powerful raps and intense vocals drew fans in right away, and if that wasn’t enough, their dancing certainly was!  This was also the first official appearance of the Matoki!  Halfway through 2012, the group introduced individual Matoki designs for each member.

From the moment their debuted, they released various singles back to back.  “Warrior” was just the beginning, and “Power”, “Secret Love” and “Badman” were quick to follow.

Their first full length album, First Sensibility, came a mere 2 years after debut.  The album topped the Billboard World Album charts and got their their first music show win (with “1004 (Angel)”.

In November of 2014, the group filed a lawsuit with their company attempting to nullify their contracts due to lack of profit distribution and working conditions.  They reached an agreement with their company in 2015 and continued on to release even more incredible music.

In the year 2017, the group released a few amazing tracks that fans quickly fell in love with.  As Youngguk returned from a hiatus, the group released Rose featuring “Wake Me Up” and “DISTOPIA”.  Both tracks were winners of Most Energetic and Most Emotions.  The two hit on major issues, with “Wake Me Up” touching on social issues that exist today and mental health issues many face day to day and “DISTOPIA” hitting on the illusions that society covets and calling them ‘fake utopias’.

This group is always out to make a statement of sorts and uses their music to spread messages and awareness to issues that society faces today.  These messages aren’t just localized to their own country either, with people all over the world able to relate.  In “Wake Me Up” they even used a diverse cast which. helped emphasize that fact.

Their most recent release, “Hands Up” has fans literally dancing.  One incredible fan made a video incorporating that song and snippets of the music video into an inspirational “olympic’ clip!

Congratulations to B.A.P and their Babyz for performing so wonderfully in the 2017 OSKP Awards!



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