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K-MUCH (Be.A) Kpop

Be.A wows us in their “Magical” music video

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After dropping teasers for “Magical”, Be.A released the full music video!  This is the first track released for Be.A, formerly K-MUCH, since adding former contest from Boys24 survival program, BomB.

Probably one of the best things about this track is how well each members skills stood out.  They each have their own distinct styles, between the rappers and singers, and the song emphasized their strong points.  The raps were powerful, raspy, and sounded incredible, while the harmonic vocals pulled you straight in.

The entire video is based around the dance, which is smooth and fun.  There’s moment where the boys roll their bodies and move to the beat, then points where they just break down straight dancing!

Check it out below!


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