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Best Vocals Semi-Finalist Week 3: Monsta X’s Wonho appreciation post

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OSKP is running a 4 week long poll to determine who the best K-Pop vocalist is.  The nominations are all fan recommended.  Week 1 saw an overwhelming wave of support for it’s finalists and participants, week 2 was just as intense, and week 3 followed suit.

Week 3 featured some fan favorites from the nomination pool, including former SISTAR member Hyolyn (or Hyorin), BTS’s Jin, and ASTRO’s MJ.

With 47% of the votes, Monsta X’s Wonho took the win!  And not just for his abs either!  The amount of support he had for his unique voice was overwhelming!

Who is Monsta X’s Wonho?

Wonho was the 5th finalist announced as a member of Monsta X on the survival show No Mercy (which many can’t watch without needing some serious uplifting clips after).

He was born in 1993 and was actually an ulzzang for a good period of time.  For those unfamiliar, Ulzzangs are those that are popular online and are considered ‘good looking’.  Wonho even appeared on  Ulzzamng Shidae Season 3 back in 2010 and 2011.

A definite fan favorite, this lovable muscle man can be intimidating and suave on stage, but an absolute adorable fluffball off stage.  He’s usually quite cheerful and sweet, and is often seen tormenting Hyungwon and I.M.

As a whole, I think it is easy to say that he’s one of those idols that idolizes his fans.  He loves his fans more than anything else, and everything he says or does is all about his Monbebe.  He’s dedicated and caring about what his fans need, and even goes out of his way to provide it when he’s dead tired!

Now, this is a vocal appreciation post, so as much as we’d love to focus on the adorable fluffball and his good looks (and it’s difficult not to…), it’s really about his voice!

His vocals…

While not consider the strongest vocal in the group, he has a powerful voice given the chance to let himself let loose.  In the right range and with the right song, he really shines.

He has the ability to channel an extreme amount of sass into his singing, while still hitting the notes.  The attitude can definitely be seen in tracks like “Rush”.

Often times, in the group’s songs, he gets transition portions that stand out as key piece right before the chorus or the chorus.

He’s definitely capable of doing multiple styles with success too.  With the constant evolution of Monsta X and their style of music, he’s proven time and time again that he can adapt to the different styles.

Check out this beautiful vocal compilation below.

What post is complete without a whole slew of images…

Monsta X Wonho Vocals

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