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Big Hit Entertainment addresses threats against Jimin

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Big Hit Entertainment released statements saying they are aware of the threats and are taking measures to protect the boys.

“We will work hard to strengthen the security by cooperating with the performers and the local police.”

For some reason, someone has really taking a liking to threatening Jimin, a member of BTS, and are claiming that they are going to kill him during one of the California performances of the American leg of the tour.  They claim that:

“I am waiting in California, I am looking forward to learning about the stage where Jimin is singing”

The text is accompanied by pictures of guns and a dead pig, which is quite disturbing.  They also added that they would shoot during the performance.  The account has since been disabled because of reports, but the threat still stands.

The boys will be in California on April 1, 2017 and April 2, 2017 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

The threat states that they will shoot him on April 1, 2017, which happens to be April Fool’s Day.  Many think it might be a cruel joke, but precautions are being taken regardless.

“April 1 is a April fool because there is a story that it is a lie, but even if it is a lie, it is an angry thing to put a person’s life”.

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  1. God this is so horrible! Jimin doesn’t deserve any of this! This was actually on the NEWS in Korea as well. I feel so bad for all his family that saw this.

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