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BIGFLO is reaching for the stars in “Stardom” (Music Video Review)

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I somehow stumbled across this video by chance, but I’m beyond glad I did.  “Stardom” by BIGFLO is extremely catchy and a definite hype song.

BIGFLO first debuted back in 2014 under the HO Company label.  It consists of 7 members, although one is currently out for military service.  They’ve gone through a few changes in some of the members, but the current lineup seems to be working well!


Lex (newer member)


Euijin (newer member)


Sungmin (newer member)


Jungkyun (military service)


“Stardom” is one of those songs that’s just full of energy.  If anything is going to make you want to get up and dance, however badly, it’s going to be this song for sure.  I know I ended up dancing around, and I will be the first to admit, it wasn’t pretty (I’m sure my husband would second that…).

The song has quite a few different elements that I enjoyed.  The beat is heavy and in your face, just like the lyrics, the vocals are really pleasant, and the rap is crisp.  I loved that it was a bit repetitive with the “I’m going to be a star” line.

I could definitely see this song being played in a club with how heavy and catchy the beat is.

The lyrics are very confident, which is somehow extremely appealing.  Normally, I steer away from those, but it works well with the feel of the song.  The ‘in your face’ feel this song puts off is a great way to catch peoples attention.


The music video was shot to resemble an old style video game with different levels and bosses that had to be beat.  One nice touch was the grainy feel and parts where the image started to pixel out, since that’s realistic with older video games.  The individual shots were crisp and clear, so it was a fun transition back and forth.

I do wish there were more variants in the levels for the fighting, but the ending battle made up for that a bit.

Although we didn’t see much of the dance in the video, what was visible was really fun and in sync.  I’m not familiar enough with the group to know whether or not dancing is one of their specialities, but I did enjoy the snippets I saw.

I was able to find a video with the dance –

It starts around 13 minutes in.  It’s definitely a fun dance with quite a few sections that look pretty difficult!  There’s a bit of dabbing in there too.

I’m looking forward to seeing more from this group!  They’ve been around for a bit, but with a new song and new members, perhaps they can start to get some recognition!