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BIGFLO Drop An Intense New Music Video For “Upside Down” (거꾸로)

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If you thought you were ready for BIGFLO’s latest music video, take a second to take a deep breath an think again!

The intense new music video for “Upside Down” starts off with a sexy dance scene that breaks into an energetic track with a heavy beat and beautiful dance moves. “Upside Down” has the same sleek appeal that many of the famous older hit tracks have, with smooth transitions and a beat that doesn’t overpower the track but compliments it perfectly.

BIGFLO’s visuals in their music video for “Upside Down” aren’t any joke either!  The boys are rocking all new vibrant hair colors and their outfits really stand out boldly from the back up dancers.

The new track follows the story of a bad boy trying to hide his emotions after he fell in love at first sight.  How cute is that?

Watch BIGFLO return with their new music video for “Upside Down” below.

bigflo upside down mv


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