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BIGSTAR first group confirmed for The Final 99 Match KBS second chance for idol groups

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KBS recently announced their intentions to run a survival show featuring 500 idols that have made their debut, but never achieved the fame they desired.  The split will consist of 250 girls and 250 boys and the end result will be two groups, a male and female group, that will promote together.  Currently, the show is set to broadcast in October.

Up until this point, we didn’t know any names of groups joining the competition, but now we have one!  BIGSTAR will be jumping into the competition, though based on their recent MakeStar project, only 4 members are active since their other member Baram is serving his mandatory military service.

BIGSTAR is a 5 member group that made their debut under Brave Entertainment in 2012.  They’ve released quite a few tracks, but haven’t had huge success in Korea. Their last full release was in 2015 with Shine A Moon Light.

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