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Black6ix has made their debut with “Please” (Music Video Review)

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Entertainment label, Black Hole Entertainment, just had their boy group, Black6ix make their debut with their first song, “Please”.









When I first saw the teasers for Black6ix’s debut track, “Please”, I was expecting something totally different!  This track was a pleasant surprise!  With lovely vocals and raps paired with a soft piano for the intro, they’re changing things up from the normal strong hip-hop influenced debuts.

The vocals and raps seem extremely powerful and I’d love to hear more from this group without so much autotune/reverb.  The slight echo as they sang or rap did take away from it a bit, but you can still hear their skill behind it!  The raps are extremely well done and clear and the vocals are soft, yet powerful when need be.

The song is so sweet sounding! As the song progresses, the song builds on itself; each time someone else starts their portion, it gains a new attribute.  For instance, the piano gets a light beat, then as another person starts to sing, it gets a heavier beat backing.


At first, I didn’t feel like the setting or video fit the sound of the song, but upon the second run through, I realized how well it actually fit.  The simple backing of the warehouse with the bright lights kept the background neutral and helped put the focus on the boys.  For a debut song, we want to see them more than anything!

The dance was perfectly timed for the beat, with slow portions mixed with some quick movements.  The group seemed to work well together, but we will see more when they release a dance practice!

The costuming and filming style was extremely neutral.  The boys had bland colors and the coloring of the video took out most of the color, but not enough that it was strictly in black and white.  I think that more morose coloring actually worked with the sorrowful sound of some of the vocals.


제발 제발 제발
Oh woo oh woo oh oh
제발 제발 제발
Oh woo oh woo oh oh

가진 거는 없어 그래도 날 떠나지 마
얼마나 걸릴지 몰라 그래도 견뎌내보자
가진 건 사랑한다는 말뿐이지만 (널 원하지만)
세상은 그런 게 아니더라

지금 당장 (Right right right now)
니가 원하는 걸 해줄 순 없어 (No no no no)
그게 전부가 아니라는 말에
난 아무 말도 해주지 못해 왜

먹고 싶은 게 없어졌어 사고 싶은 게 없어졌어
갖고 싶은 게 없어져 하루는 왜 이리 길어

Tic Toc 거리는 시계도 너와 있으면 아무 생각 없어
비틀거리던 인생도 너 땜에 새로 다시 태어났어
할 일이 많아져 피곤하기도 힘들지만 너가 있어서
지금 당장은 할 수 있는 말 기다리라 말할 수밖에

제발 제발 제발
Oh woo Oh woo yeah yeah
Oh woo Oh woo yeah 제발
내가 해줄 거야
정말 행복해 지금 이 순간이
내게는 완벽해 너라면 충분해

걱정은 마 내가 니 옆에 서있어
날 믿고 따라 와봐와봐와봐
날 믿고 따라 와봐와봐와봐

내 말 믿어줄래 내 옆에서 늘 날 바라만 봐줄래
견딜 수 있겠니 참을 수 있겠니
지금 이대로만 사랑하면 돼

제발 제발 제발
Oh woo Oh woo yeah yeah
Oh woo Oh woo yeah 제발
내가 해줄 거야
정말 행복해 지금 이 순간이
내게는 완벽해 너라면 충분해

우린 아직 어리잖아
우린 너무 사랑하잖아
다시 태어나도 (You you you you)
너밖에 없다는 걸 알잖아 Only you

제발 제발 제발 (only you)
Oh woo Oh woo yeah yeah (only you)
Oh woo Oh woo yeah 제발
내가 해줄 거야
정말 행복해 (행복해) 지금 이 순간이 (이 순간이)
내게는 완벽해 (Oh oh) 너라면 충분해 (충분해)
걱정은 마


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