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Boy Group BLK (비엘케이) Makes Their Exciting Debut With “Hero”

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There’s a new boy group to check out ladies and gentlemen!  The new group, BLK, whose actual name is Beyond Limit Key, has made their debut with the track “Hero”.

The group consists of 6 members, D.A, Ino, I, Sorim, Taebin, and Ilkyung.  They’ve been working on a large scale, 7 part debut project known as INTO BLK, and finally released their first mini album, INTO BLK Part 1.  The album contains 5 songs including the title track “Hero“, “Kiss Me Babe“, and “So High“.

Their debut music video, “Hero” follows the members as they work towards becoming heroes as assassins and warriors.  One of the most outstanding features of this music video, besides the EDM style song, would have to be the acrobatic and modern dance combination.  The seamless shift between the two drastically different elements is impressive.

Check out BLK’s Debut music video “Hero” below!

BLK Debut Hero Music Video



  1. JaiieBBVIP December 1, 2017

    Interesting concept~ definitely need more of this! Captivating description.

  2. Giselle December 1, 2017

    I enjoyed their song and music video because of their interesting concept.

  3. riseok December 2, 2017

    i rlly enjoyed watching their first MV! i’m excited for more

  4. luna December 2, 2017

    omg what thyu seem amazing!!

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