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BONUSbaby makes their comeback with “When I Grow Up”

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BONUSbaby is back with an absolutely adorable music video for their latest track “When I Grow Up”.  This adorable track features the young girl’s doing typical teenage things as they pretend to be older than they are!

The costuming and outfits starting out in the video are very young, with school uniforms and cute little pigtails to make them look younger.  As the video progresses, the girls are shown with a bit more of a mature light.

This track is extremely catchy and has an addicting sweet sound.  It’s peppy and girly, which suits the group quite well.

Since each of the girls are actually rather young, the song title is extremely appropriate; Monhee – 1997, Hayoon – 1998, Chaehyun -1999, Dayun – 2000, Gaon – 2001, and Kongyoo – 2001.

If you haven’t already, be sure to take a look at their teasers for this release!


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