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Boy group VX announces their disbandment

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On November 13, 2017, boy group VX officially announced their disbandment.

The group originally debut on July 13, 2015 under the label JJ Entertainment.  They’ve released various singles, including FantasyOMG, and You What!.  The group consisted 5 members; Siyoon, Jinhwa, JT, Jeki, and La-e.

Unfortunately, the group’s disbandment means the members will be going their separate ways.  The group expressed their gratitude towards their fandom, Sunshine, and the company expressed the gratitude towards the group.

After the statement was released, La-e released a statement on his own social media;

“We have been disbanded as of today. We am sorry for the abrupt announcement. We will be working separately now. I am currently preparing for my solo activities. It is a bit sad, but I hope you’ll give me a lot of interest and love! Once again, I would like to thank and apologize everyone who loved VX. I am preparing for my solo activities, so please wait for me!”.

The company asks that fans continue to support individual members in their future endeavors.

What do you think of the disbandment?

VX Disbandment 2017


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