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Boys24 Unit Black starting promotions

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Boys24 is a pre-debut group formed by CJ E&M through a survival show and consists of 27 members.  Their first promotional group was selected through the BOYS24 RE:born 1st Semi-Final concert and thanks to fans, have been dubbed “Unit Black”.  Based on that name, we can assume other units will follow a color scheme.

Unit Black consists of Kim Sunghyun, Kim Yonghyun, Park Doha, Oh Jinseok, Yoo Youngdoo, Jung Yeontae, Han Hyunwook, and Hwang Inho.  They’ve already released their logo too;

Boys 24 Unit Black Logo

They will be starting their promotions by releasing a single album around mid-April 2017 and then will continue to promote through various concerts and appearances in other programs.  They will promote domestically and internationally.