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BTS (방탄소년단) Appear on ET!, OnAirWithRyan, KTLA, and More!

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BTS is back in the states for the AMAs and have been making appearances left and right.

After the announcement came that the boys would be not only attending but performing at the AMAs ARMYs everywhere went crazy. Especially when the hype behind a tweet from the producer for the Ellen show became a confirmed invite and appearance, and has since spiraled into a litany of other appearances and promotions here in the States!

Among those, a few new and unexpected appearances have popped up! Entertainment Tonight hosted the boys for an interview on their series “Daily Denny.”

So far, the series is broken apart into two short videos with the promise of the full interview coming later today! In the first part of the interview, the boys reveal tons of juicy details about their upcoming activities and plans. In addition to the obvious AMA’s talk, the boys spill details on an upcoming 2018 World Tour! RM noted that it is going to happen and that they hope to add both more performances and more cities to the tour!

The band was also asked about solo activities, during which time J-Hope’s upcoming mixtape was discussed. J-Hope said that he is working on it and that it will be “coming soon!” The boys also talked about whether they would ever release an English album. To this RM stated that the Mic Drop remix would be dropped, and that was “like an English version of something, so I think we’ll try some versions like that later.”

You can watch the first portion of the interview here!

As for the second portion of the interview, the boys were asked some more personal questions on “Dating and what true love means to them.”

In this portion of the interview, the group talked about their excitement about their performance at the AMAs. In addition, the boys talked about who they were excited to see at the award show. RM also talked about this new era with their record-breaking album “Love Yourself; Her.” and figuring out how to love oneself. Soon Suga jumps in with how he believes that love can make the world a better place. (We agree!)

You can check the second portion of this interview out for yourself below!

In addition to their interview with ET! The boys of BTS also appeared briefly on KTLA. In this short segment, the boys introduced themselves and their music. As well as J-Hope “teaching” the host a couple of the moves to DNA! The appearance overall is light-hearted and fun to watch!

Watch here!

In addition, Jimmy Kimmel released a short video in which the mothers of superfans got to meet the boys! The look on the girls’ faces when they realized what was going on was priceless! The release of this video comes after BTS performed a mini-concert for Kimmel and appeared on the show. (The episode is set to be aired at a later date.)

Watch the girls’ reactions below!

As well as all of the shows and video appearances the boys have also been featuring in radio segments as well!

102.7KIISFM released a video this morning featuring the boys in the studio. In this short video, the boys introduce their title track “DNA” and encourage listeners to go watch the music video before the host plays the song for the audience. They also talk about the boys’ fame in both the States and in South Korea. To this Jin responds that they can’t go many places like the market where there could be younger people who will know who they are. Jin also stated – in English, I might add – that their manager will often do their shopping for them. At the end of the video, the host adds that the boys will be back in the studio in about a week to play their soon-to-be-released Mic Drop Remix!

And last but certainly not least, the boys were scheduled to appear on OnAir with Ryan Seacrest at 6:40 AM (PST) this morning! The videos for this interview were split into two portions. In the first portion of this fun-packed interview, the boys talked about their favorite foods in LA, and what they like best about the city. (I’ll give you a hint: “sun”). And in the second portion, they make a call to a fan to personally invite her to the AMAs!!

Check the interview out below!

Pt. 2!

Are you excited about all of BTS’ promotions in America? Let us know!

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