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BTS’s “Fake Love” Soars As It Breaks Record For Fastest K-Pop Music Video To Hit 60 Million Views

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From 10 to 60.  BTS continues to break records.  It’s reported that at the 1 day 19 hour mark, the group broke their previous 8 day record for hitting 60 million views!  That means they’ve upped he bar pretty high for the fastest K-Pop video to reach 60 million views.  Since it’s release, it’s been trending pretty high on the list, currently sitting at #1 for trending on YouTube.


BTS broke another record!  After hitting 10 million views in just shy of 5 hours, they’ve broken the 20 million mark! The group hit just about 20 million views at shy of 9 hours and the views are still counting.

At the rate they’re going, they might make it close to the highest number of views within 24 hours on a music video.  Currently, Taylor Swift is sitting with that record at 43.2 million views for “Look What You Made Me Do”.

As of the time of this update, they’ve already passed 25 million views.

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It hasn’t even been 10 hours since the release of BTS’s new track “Fake Love” and the group is already raising the bar.

The music video dropped at 6:00 pm KST on May 18, 2018.  By the 4 hour mark, they’d already surpassed 10 million views.  This far exceeds their previous record of 10 million views at about 8 hours for “DNA” in 2017. The video already has over 2 million likes on YouTube too!

“DNA” set the bar high last time, with it hissing just shy of 2.1 million views at the 24 hour mark, but based on how they’re going now, it’s certain ARMY is out to break that record!

Congratulations BTS and ARMY for beating the 10 million view record!

As of 8:00 am PST (the video released at 2:00 am PST), the view count has already soared to 13 million!

BTS 10 Million Record

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