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BTS Plays Fun Singing Game In 104.3 MYfm Interview

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BTS continues their full day of interviews with 104.5 MYfm’s Kevin Manno!

Kevin starts the interview by thanking the boys for returning to the station for another interview while they were in the states for the BBMA’s. He then goes right in, asking about the meaning behind ‘Fake Love.’

Namjoon answers, saying “if you’re untrue to yourself, your love won’t last forever,” whether person-to-person or in the love one feels for themselves.

They’re then asked just how exciting it feels for them to be performing at the BBMA’s this year. The boys comment how happy they are, and that this is a dream come true for them. BTS also expresses how they keep in touch with their ARMYs through their social media, sharing snippets of their day and what they’re doing and listening to.

Kevin has the boys finish up the interview by playing a game. He holds up a paper with a Western artist on it, and the first one to start singing one of the artist’s songs gets one point. The studio begins to get rambunctious as the members see the papers and spit out songs as fast as they can. We see some of them recognize the artist but have trouble remembering songs they’ve done. Taehyung starts dancing to express “California Girls” when Katy Perry is shown to the group, as he can’t remember the song name at that moment. The boys also do an impressive instrumental of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” when he is pulled from the pile.

The boys look like they had a lot of fun with the game! And I’m sure ARMYs have fun witnessing their joy!

Check out the interview below!

BTS 104.3 Interview


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