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BTS Talks Dating Scene And Other Fun Things In Access Interview

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BTS reveals more about themselves in another interview while in the United States!

The boys sat down with Scott Evans from Access and answered some questions about their life outside of performing, as well as some of their favorite qualities about themselves.

Scott hit the boys with their first question: Is it difficult to have a private life now that their fame has increased? Jin answers, saying he’ll go out sometimes and fans will get excited, calling him his iconic “Worldwide Handsome” nickname. He’ll take it in stride, saying hello and accepting the compliment. Namjoon continues answering, saying they do a lot of what ordinary young men do, and it’s important to balance between the life of a performer and one of a 20-something-year-old.

Scott immediately comes back with a more intimate question: Do they date?

Namjoon answers with a line I’m sure they’ve practiced for interviews since debut, saying “We want to focus on our career.”

The interview continues with questions like what’s their favorite American meal and actress. Taehyung answers Lily Collins, who starred in the movie Love, Rosie, while Jin says Anne Hathaway.

Scott finishes up the interview by having the boys comment their favorite feature of the member next to them. He starts off by saying he loves Taehyung’s glasses. Taehyung, being the absolute sweetheart he is, immediately takes them off to have Scott wear for the remainder of their time together.

Taehyung then comments that he loves Jin’s ears. Jin says he loves Namjoon’s sexy brain. Namjoon says he loves Hoseok’s eyebrows. Hoseok says his favorite feature of Jimin is his elbow. Jimin says he loves Jungkook’s mind. And Jungkook says he loves Yoongi’s earring.

Check out the full interview below!

bts access hollywood interview


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