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BTS Talk ARMY’s Purple Ribbon Project And Red Carpet Poses In AMP Radio Interview

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The boys of BTS are busy as can be while in the United States!

The group went to 97.1 AMP Radio for an interview with The New Guys to talk about ‘Fake Love’ and their ARMY fanbase.

Chelsea, one of the interviewers, started off by asking BTS about ARMY’s Purple Ribbon Project at LAX. ARMYs at LAX lined the walkway with purple ribbons tied together to try and ensure the boys would be safe from the chaos of the crowd as they walked from baggage claim to the exit. Namjoon comments how amazing it was to see, and that ARMY came up with the idea themselves.

Brian asks the group what artist they would want to have featured on an album in the future. Namjoon said Drake, while Hoseok said Childish Gambino.

When asked to sing a favorite song that best represented their personality, Taehyung blessed our ears with a snippet of Shawn Mendes’s “My Blood.”

The group then singled out Jimin as the answer to “who takes the longest to get ready in the morning.” When Namjoon comments that he doesn’t know what Jimin is doing to take so long, Jimin adorably answers that he doesn’t know either.

The interview continues with each member showing his best, “most extra,” BBMA red carpet pose. They also share what their favorite emoji is to use when they text each other. Namjoon answers that he loves the “sick faced” emoji, which we’ve seen on a few of his tweets, while Jungkook likes the “waving hand” emoji. Taehyung also shared his love for the “purple heart” emoji.

BTS finishes the interview with Jimin and Namjoon giving an incredibly sweet message for ARMY, thanking us for making everything they’re doing possible.

Check out the interview below!



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