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BTS breaks their own record with Spring Day and Not Today!

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It’s only been a week since the release of “Spring Day” and BTS is at it again with “Not Today“.  They already made headlines by breaking records with their first music video this year, but amazingly enough, they broke those again with their second music video.

Last week, “Spring Day” took the gold for most views within a 24 hour period, ending at roughly 9.4 million views.  Wow ARMY, y’all are insane!

When “Not Today” was released on February 20, 2017 at around 12:30 am, fans were prepared.  Within a 24 hour period, fans racked a whopping 10.9 million views.  Holy crap.

If that wasn’t enough, “Not Today” also took first for reaching 10 million views fastest, bumping “Spring Day” from its pedestal.

ARMY fans, y’all did a great job!   Congrats to everyone and especially congrats to BTS!  What a huge accomplishment.

Found the images below on twitter (everywhere)!

BTS Spring Day Not Today Record


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