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BTS Surprises ARMY On Ellen, And Gets A Surprise Themselves

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The boys of BTS returned to The Ellen Show for some more excitement after their BBMA performance!

Their segment began with Ellen bringing the group to the official set of ‘Friends’ to give ARMYs a special surprise! We see the boys huddled behind a counter as small groups of fans came into the set, completely oblivious to who was in the room with them. The groups each read some lines as the ‘Friends’ characters, ending with an unexpected introduction for the boys! BTS then popped out of their hiding places, giving their fans a fantastic surprise. Multiple small groups came and went, with the boys surprising each group. Taehyung, Jungkook, Namjoon, and Jimin even hid behind the sofa the fans were seated on, making it even more surprising!

Ellen then brings the boys to her iconic sofa and asks them just how exciting it was to have come back to the Billboard Awards to perform and debut their title track, ‘Fake Love’. Taehyung takes the reigns on this one, saying it was their dream to perform and they had a lot of fun.

The next question brings screams from the audience as Ellen asks the boys if they were dating. Someone from the crowd yells “me!” as Jimin turns to point to the entire little section of fans next to the sofa. Namjoon joking explains that he guesses Jimin does and then explains to Ellen that all Koreans now know what “hooked up” means.

Ellen begins to say how fans can find more videos of BTS on her website and continues to talk when a “fangirl” jumps out of the box next to BTS, giving them quite a scare! Everyone freaks, except for Yoongi, as Hoseok actually falls off the sofa in his surprise. Ellen got ’em good!

Check out the videos below! You can also see the boys’ performances of both ‘Fake Love’ and ‘Airplane pt.2’ on TheEllenShow YouTube channel

BTS Ellen Interview


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