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BTS faces challenges based on OSTs in BTS Gayo 14

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BTS is on a roll giving fans little presents today.  They just dropped the Japanese version of “Blood Sweat & Tears” and earlier on, they released the latest episode on BTS Gayo!  In the previous episode, they attempted to ‘name that song’ in multiple rounds, with some interesting success.  In the latest episode, each round they play is based off of a movie original sound track.  The sound track plays and the boys guess it, then the real challenge begins.

The group is split into 3 teams of 2 members, with Suga playing the judge, jury, and executioner.  V is paired with J-Hope, Jin and Jimin are paired, and Rap Monster is paired with Jungkook.  Punishment at the end is acting out a BTS original skit.

The first round is based on the iconic “Rocky” soundtrack and for the challenge, the boys have to jump rope in pairs on a massaging board.  I think they ended up hitting each other, with the rope or their own heads, more often than they actually successfully jumped!

The second round was a very special occurrence.  The boys were blindfolded and forced to tango with Suga.  After they were thoroughly confused, they then had to identify their partner based on touching a body part.  Suga doing the tango was special as is, and with J-Hope, it was just amazing.  Rap Monster ended up getting picked for being softest and the toughest!

The third and final round was a speed drawing where Jungkook and V actually did astonishingly well.  It still baffles me how the guys are able to figure out what the images are based on those scribbles!

In the end, J-Hope and V take the win while Jin and Jimin lose. The winners and remaining members cackle evilly as they make a small skit for the losers to perform.  And wouldn’t you know, it’s a fart skit.  They end up completely breaking Suga, and somehow the two manage to perform the skit with straight faces, which is an impressive feat in itself.


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