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BTS (방탄늬우스) Blow Our Minds In New Music Video For “Fake Love”

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Update June 4, 2018:

BTS takes fans to the set of “Fake Love” in their behind the scenes footage for the music video!  From the Snickers heaven to the cellphone tunnel, they bring fans along to each of the fantastic sets.  One of the most amazing things about this footage is how clearly it shows the scenarios they were in. For instance, Jimin in the wave of water!  Jungkook also shows how he managed to make it down the hallway with the collapsing floor.

Watch BTS’s behind the scenes footage for “Fake Love” below.

Update June 2, 2018:

The boys continuously outdo themselves.  The original music video for “Fake Love” was incredible and fans all over fell in love with the song and the visuals of the video.  BTS stepped it up even more by releasing a rock overlay in the “Fake Love” extended version!  The new version keeps the same vibe, but there is a distinct rock vibe as the guitars and base drum come flying in.  The rock vibe goes along with the cover recently released by PERC%NT!

This clip also expands on the mysterious masks and outfits they dawned in their comeback show.

Watch BTS’s extended video for “Fake Love” below.

Update May 27, 2018:

BTS graced fans with two stunning new videos for “Fake Love”.  The first is a clear performance of the group’s BBMA’s stage, complete with the fan chants!  if you watched the live stream, you were sure to hear the fan chants as they echoed in the building, but in the new clip, you can hear them even clearer.

The second clip is the dance practice!  It feels as though we’ve been waiting for ages for the dance practice to drop, when it reality it’s only been around 2 weeks!  The boys are left breathless, much like their fans, as they move through the tight-knit, complex dance moves of “Fake Love”.  Watch them amaze below.

Update May 20, 2018:

After releasing their stunning new music video for “Fake Love”, see below, BTS takes fans behind the scenes for the jacket shooting.  Have you ever wanted to see how they produce such breathtaking images for their photobooks in each album?  Watch the boys pose with the vibe of top class models in the clip below!

Along withthe behind the scenes for the jacket shooting, the group shared a lovely new vertical version of “Fake Love” only available on Spotify! Check it out here.

Original Article:

BTS’s new album Love Yourself 轉 ‘Tear’  has finally arrived, and “Fake Love” is certainly blowing fans’ minds.

The music video incorporates themes from various other music videos, including “Save Me” and their most release, “Singularity” featuring V.  “Fake Love” takes the artistic element of their previous music videos and skyrockets it to the next level.  The dance and vocals blend seamlessly into the abstract art behind them, and the story, while subtle, plays out throughout the video.

Throughout the track, the repeat of “Fake Love” can be heart, each one more intoxicating than the last.  With their high quality vocals and raps improving even more, the softness of the vocalists and intensity of the rappers can be seen.

Watch BTS return with their last music video for “Fake Love” below.

BTS Fake Love MV


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