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BTS Gayo 12 The Children Song Challenges

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The boys of BTS are back with another installment of BTS Gayo.  In this challenge, they have three rounds of torturous children songs they need to sing!

Round 1 consists of them attempting to sing “Butterfly” while listening to “Calf”.  For this round, they have to be on key and sing the correct words.  Sounds simple, but it proves to be quite challenging!  In this round we learn that both Suga and Rap Monster are rappers for a reason and Jungkook masters everything way too quickly.

Round 2 consists of two members going back and forth and singing verses.  The one who messes up gets bobbed in the head by a squeaking mallet.  Let’s take a brief moment at about 6:35 to observe J-Hope in all his glory. Not only that, we have V as our bright sunshine child infecting Suga with his cheerfulness and eventually Suga’s first victory.

Round 3 requires them to fill in lyrics while singing SNSD’s “Gee”.  They all failed miserably.


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  1. I’ve just watch this and it’s hilarious.! I cracked up when Suga sang Gee hahaha

  2. They are so adorable! I was laughing the entire time! ???

  3. They were very entertaining. Especially suga, it was the first time I saw him as funny as it was hahaha. And of course uri Jungkook who always amaze anyone who saw his performance. <3

  4. Red heart (@niawoffcl) April 5, 2017

    Oh my god, please save me, im laugh so hard because they are very funny.

  5. Hazel April 16, 2017

    These boys never fail to put a smile on our faces ?, Suga got me cracking up! ?? BTS’ variety skills is one of the reasons they became my ultimate bias group ?

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