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BTS Gayo 13 – Name that song!

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The boys of BTS are back with another installment of BTS Gayo.  In this round, the boys struggle to use their buzzers to ‘name that song’!

At the beginning of the episode, the boys are given buzzers based on the numbers they drew.  Numbers have no correlation with whether or not the buzzer is helpful or not!  Suga probably had the worst buzzer since he had to make a paper airplane from scratch each time he wants to answer.  Jin wasn’t far off since he had to do a elephant spin 5 times before answering.  The other’s had equally hilarious things; V having to lift weights, Rap Monster attempting to juggle, and J-Hope hitting himself.  They incorporated those items into the punishment as well!

They had multiple rounds of song guessing games where they had to base the song title based on image, just a single note, and random phrases.  Highlights for this include J-Hopes lackluster celebrator dance that didn’t get edited out, Suga knowing a surprising number of girl dances, Jin stumbling around, and V’s victory dance.

Jungkook is the unfortunate loser of this challenge, which is a definite surprise!  However, he’s one of the few who could actually complete the penalty challenge in only 2 tries.  In the final words of this episode; “BTS Ouch!”

Don’t miss a single episode, watch the previous one here!


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