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BTS has a few surprises up their sleeves during the Yahoo Music Interview

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BTS, the Top Social Artist award winners, travelled out to Yahoo Music for a Facebook Live interview where we learned quite a few new things about them.  The group commented on how they’re honored and shocked about the comparisons being made with them and the Beatles, the legends.

They continued on talking about their favorite music of the past and present and what types of things they do backstage to prepare themselves for their big shows.  Rap Monster, who is known for being the groups English translator, talked about how he started learning English because of the show Friends.  ““It was like a cliché for the Korean parents in my hometown to let their kids watch Friends. The show is really good. It’s kind of like the show of my life. Firstly, I had no interest, because I cannot understand a word. But [my mom] thankfully let me watch it in Korean, like, subtitled. So as I watched the show, and I was so into the show — the characters, the love stories. She bought the DVDs, 1 to 10 Seasons, and I repeated it like a dozen times. I think that’s why [I learned English so well]. Their speech is clear and easy to understand.”

One thing that’s going a bit viral is the fact that Suga caught everybody by surprise with his English!  Clips are surfacing all over Facebook and Twitter about it.  Another thing that went viral is when Lyndsey Parker glanced away and missed Rap Monster’s hand shake.  Countless ARMY members have creates hilarious memes around it.

Watch the interview below!


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