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BTS has fans wracking brains over hints for 2017 Festa Anniversary celebration

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Every year, BTS celebrates their debut anniversary with fans during “BTS Festa”.  With the group’s 4th anniversary falling on June 13, 2017, it was only a matter of time before we got a hint at what was to come.  Usually, the celebrations include new photos, videos, songs, an annual radio show where we get all sorts of memes from, and other great fan gifts.

BTS’s official Instagram account posts 9 random puzzle pieces all done in a heavy purple tint.  The photos were in no particular order, but there was a hashtag at the bottom that really got fans going; “#2017BTSFESTA”.

Fans scrambled to solve the puzzle, and some seem to have gotten the pieces in order;

If that’s the correct orientation, it looks like there’s a bit more missing from the poster!  We will just have to stay tuned for the next set of information!

Check out some of the hilarious responses from fans below.


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