BTS hosts BTS Home Party with singing, dancing, and all around fun


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BTS Home Party was not an event you want to miss!  And rest assured, you can catch it online if you did!  The boys certainly know how to throw a bash to remember.  From a beautiful duet of Rap Monster and V performing “4 O’Clock” to Suga singing and Jin rapping, there were no ends to the entertaining surprises.

J-Hope, Jimin, and Jungkook teamed up to dance to three songs with totally different styles that showed off their skills.  That’s not all; the group drew blind folded pictures of each other and voted on the winners and they performed a very adorable version of “Fire” and “Boy In Luv”.  I can assure you, you’ll never look at the tracks the same again.

Most notable in the event is the look into the boys house, which fans are eating up, for a parody of “Blood Sweat & Tears“.  Also notable is the baby picture extravaganza, where they censored baby V.

Check out the entire event above and all the photos below!  Photo credits are located on the photos.

bts-room-dorm-home-party-3 bts-v-home-party-2017-cute-pink bts-2017-home-party-pink-jungkook bts-home-party-2017-j-hope bts-home-party-jin-baby bts-home-party-swag-suga-baby bts-home-party-jimin-baby bts-home-party-jungkook-baby-same-smile bts-home-party-rap-monster-baby-mickey bts-home-party-watermelon-j-hope-baby bts-home-party-v-baby-naked bts-room-dorm-home-party-1 bts-room-dorm-home-party-2