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BTS Donates in Participation of the Ice Bucket Challenge

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The “Ice Bucket Challenge” is back!

Over the last couple of weeks, there has been a number of Korean celebrities to participate in the reemergence of the famous ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

True to the original challenge people have been tagging and challenging one another to participate. Those who choose can do so by either dumping ice water over their heads or by donating to the cause. All to raise awareness and research funds for the disease.

This time around BTS was challenged by Sean of Jinusean via his Instagram! In true BTS fashion, the boys had to participate in this great cause one way or another! In response to being challenged, they chose to donate to the cause. They announced this via their twitter with a photo of a donation certificate and a short message stating that they are happy to be taking part in the challenge and that they hope others will show more interest in such a great cause through their participation!

BTS Ice Bucket Challenge


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