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BTS Takes The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Stage By Storm With “I’m Fine” and “IDOL”

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Jimmy Fallon had BTS on The Tonight Show!

The boys seemed to have a blast with Jimmy Fallon as they took on the Fornite Dance Challenge.  Not only did they all nail their dances (although Jimmy struggled a bit), but they even did the Floss together.  Well, they also surrounded the fallen Jimmy Fallon and did the dance around him as he laughed on the ground too, but still.

Along with the dance challenge, the boys also did an interview for the show!  Jimmy and Jimin bonded over their names and the boys talked about their UN visit and how nervous they were.

To close up, the group performed “IDOL” and “I’m Fine”, and they were certainly FINE!

Check out the clips below.

bts jimmy fallon


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