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BTS Get Hungry in KIISFM Interview!


BTS + Food = Real Love

Along with the plethora of other interviews the boys of BTS have done since their arrival back in the states, the boys also had a short video interview with Jojo from KIISFM!

In this cute one-minute and forty-one-second segment, the boys got to try churros, eat in-n-out, and received some cool LA Dodgers gear!

Though the video was pretty short, it was super cute to watch the boys get excited about their new gear, as well as the food they got to try! (Especially Jungkook with those churros!)

If you haven’t watched the video yet you can do so here! (Honestly though, who doesn’t want to see Jungkook get excited about churros?) Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments!



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