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Liam McEwan Interviews BTS Again!

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BTS is back in the States, and we all know what that means… a TON of interviews!

The one that currently has the BTS fanbase, ARMYs, buzzing is today’s interview with Liam McEwan! Liam stole ARMYs hearts last year when he first met and interviewed the boys, with the amount of love and respect he showed the members. So by popular demand, he was able to interview the boys yet again this year!

The questions in this interview were extremely thoughtful, respectful, and interesting. Liam asked the boys a variety of questions about themselves and their own personal growth as well as the album and its meaning. The members genuinely seemed to have a lot of fun talking to Liam as well as answering the questions. Overall they seemed very comfortable throughout the interview, which is something that warms any fans heart for sure. ARMYs who haven’t seen the video yet will surely love and appreciate it!

If you haven’t checked out the interview yet you can do so here! Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments!

BTS Liam McEwan Interview


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