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BTS overloads fans for 2017 BTS Festa with a ton of photos

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BTS kicked off their 2 week Festa celebration with a cute little skit where the boys taunted fans with what was to come.  They’ve released a whole slew of amazing photographs from the past year showing just how close the group truly is!

Check them out below and stay tuned for the next event!

bts-festa-2017-1bts-festa-2017-2 bts-festa-2017-3 bts-festa-2017-4 bts-festa-2017-5 bts-festa-2017-6 bts-festa-2017-7 bts-festa-2017-8 bts-festa-2017-9 bts-festa-2017-10 bts-festa-2017-11 bts-festa-2017-12 bts-festa-2017-13 bts-festa-2017-14 bts-festa-2017-15 bts-festa-2017-16 bts-festa-2017-17 bts-festa-2017-18 bts-festa-2017-19 bts-festa-2017-20 bts-festa-2017-21 bts-festa-2017-22


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