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BTS Talk Inspiration, Loving Themselves, and More with People

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Yet another BTS interview has dropped!

On May 18th People dropped a ten-minute interview with the boys discussing a huge variety of topics. The boys were asked about the things and people they find inspiration from as well as the things they love about themselves. Which ranged in answer from “my mind” to “my handsome face” (can you guess who said which?)

They also discuss their newest album “Love Yourself: Tear” and the meaning behind the title track “Fake Love“. Which RM said was about the many complexities of love, whether it being loving one’s self or loving another person. The leader also said that the album pertains to the often ignored downsides to love, the painful parts. The depth and complexity of the album become very clear as RM explains their intentions with the album.

In addition to the extensive discussion of the new album and track the members were also asked more simple questions such as their “dream artist collab.” Which had a wide range of answers from “DJ Khaled” to “Troye Sivan”. The boys were also asked if they could recall the first time they were ever recognized in the United States, which Jimin answered right away. They were also asked a few more fun questions, which had some really cute answers!

Overall the interview had a variety of interesting questions and gave us a little more insight into the new album and track!

If you haven’t watched the interview yet you can do so here! Of course, we always want to know your thoughts so leave us a comment!

BTS People Interview


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