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BTS photos from Bon Voyage Season 2 have been released

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BTS Bon Voyage Season 2 from Hawaii will be released soon on their V-Live channel, and fans are extremely excited.  To tide them over until it’s time, on June 27, 2017 at 10:00 pm, they’ve released some photo teasers!

Check out the boys as they explore Hawaii!

bts-bon-voyage-hawaii-group-ocean bts-bon-voyage bts-suga-jin-rap-monster-fake-surfing-bon-voyage bts-bon-voyage-helicopter-jimin bts-bon-voyage-group-jungkook-backpack bts-bon-voyage-hawaii-boat bts-bon-voyage-jimin bts-bon-voyage-images-jhope-v-jungkook-jimin bts-bon-voyage-hawaii-group


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