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BTS plays some old fashioned board games in Run BTS Episode 21

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BTS is back with another installment in the Run BTS series!  In the previous episode, the boys took to the kitchen to see who could make a dish fit for a king, or Jin.  This time around, the boys compete in some old fashioned board games.

Like normal, they split off into teams, with Rap Monster and Suga being team leads.  Rap Mosnter picks Jungkook, Jin, and gets V and becomes Team Go.  Suga gets J-Hope and Jimin and becomes Team Chica.  Since this was filmed while they were in Chicago, Chica-Go is just too cute.

The first games doesn’t go quite as planned as the boys stack wet beads on a napkin and cross their fingers it won’t break.  Well, it didn’t, so they started using water droplets, which leads to Team Go’s demise as Jin breaks the paper.  That’s not the only thing he broke though, he also broke the tongs they use for the game and the rest had to use chopsticks.

The second game makes international fans squeal in excitement as the boys have to memorize a set of english words.  Not surprisingly, Team Go wins this round.  They also take the win for the third round where they had to build shapes.

The final round is a ‘every man for himself’ round of Uno, where J-Hope takes the win.  V follows closely behind despite not understanding the rules.  The others dropped out of the game, safe from penalty, until it’s just Suga and Jimin left.  They do a 1 v 1 match of picking the highest number, which is hilarious, before Jimin eventually loses.

Check out the episode below!


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