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BTS Tries Not To Smile With Radio Disney

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BTS joined Brent Rivera from Radio Disney in a challenge that will put a smile on anyone’s faces!

The boys took turns in a “Try Not To Smile” challenge, and each failed relatively quickly.

Jungkook was the first to attempt the challenge, and looked like he just might succeed! His poker face was solid until Jin blurted out a random sound, breaking Jungkook’s facade, causing him to lose.

Jin was next, and he broke quick! Namjoon made a noise twice, making Jin burst out laughing.

Yoongi was third and was in it to win it. The boys did their best, whispering “Suga” and other phrases to get him to crack. None were successful, and Yoongi took the win with his killer poker face.

Taehyung was the next player, and he definitely seemed ready for this challenge. He sat there staring at the camera, ready for whatever the members threw at him. He cracked though, due to Jungkook and Jimin’s schemes.

Namjoon took the seat next with an air of confidence, telling the camera he was “very serious.” It took a single sound from Jin, and Namjoon was out.

Jimin lost within a second, cracking up at Jungkook’s iconic “Jimin-ssi!”

Last but not least was Hoseok. He was doing great, sitting there striking poses and not succumbing to the members’ banter. Jin finally cracked him though, and he was out.

This two-minute-and-thirty-seven-second video was pure, with BTS laughing and having fun with each other the entire time. It would warm anyone’s’ heart to see, and OSKP challenges you try and not smile while watching it. We’re pretty sure you can’t.

Check it out below!

BTS Radio Disney


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